F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Superb salute to Beethoven. A performance of a lifetime."

news.artSMart.co.za (William Charlton-Perkins)

“Lightning conductor challenges, revitalizes JPO”

(Sibelius symphony no.2)

"Arjan Tien...demonstrated his extraordinary rapport with the musicians of the Johannesburg Philharmonic. There is a unifying bond with concrete evidence that his leadership in both the technical and aesthetic levels of musicianship clearly informs listeners that an ascending line of higher inspiration is in place.... It is through his strength in musically organizational skills that A.T.  demonstrated how his layered structure of advanced musical architecture comes alive in riveting sounds, stirring the soul."

Artslink.co.za (Paul Boekkooi)

"Arjan Tien confidently guided the philharmonie zuidnederland through the genius scores. He ensured that the young singers stayed alert and supported them in an exemplary fashion."

TROUW ****

"The choir did an excellent job and the philharmonie zuidnederland, lead by Arjan Tien, left nothing to be desired."

PLACE de l'Opera (on Mozart's le Nozze di Figaro) 

E V E N T S​



January 26

Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy

11:00 Concert - Concertgebouw - Amsterdam

Soloist: Olivier Patey 

George Gershwin (pianoroll)

Gliere - Overture for the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution

Rimsky Korsakov - clarinet concerto

Prokofiev - March, opus 99

Adams - Short Ride in a fast machine

Gershwin - Rhapsody in blue 

Copland - El Salon Mexico

Shostakovich - March, opus 139



January 31 2020

Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy

20:00 Concert - Oosterpoort - Groningen

soloist: Calefax

Ravel - Alborada del Gracioso arr. Chr.Janssen

Debussy - La Cathédrale Engloutie arr. J.Mortimer

Ravel - La Valse  arr. Fr. Scheepers



RIMSKY & CO Originals  + WorthWeill Originals

Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy

"GRANDIOOS" (Stretto Music magazine)

***** 5 Stars  GELDERLANDER

"Hier wordt duidelijk dat de Marinierskapel en Tien een gouden combinatie vormen waar we héél zuinig op moeten wezen."

LUISTER magazine 10/10


BBC Music Magazine ***** 5 STARS

Astonishing clarity of sound and texture thanks both to a crack ensemble and the superb recording. Brilliant, effervescent discoveries.


Channel Classics

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